International Programs at Heartsent Adoptions, Inc.


Holding a bachelor of arts in psychology and a doctor of philosophy in social and clinical psychology, Don Crowe provides psychotherapy services from his office in Orinda, California. Also an accomplished photographer, he volunteers to take photographs on behalf of numerous organizations, including Heartsent Adoptions.
Policies surrounding international adoptions continue to change at rapid rates. In the last few years, many of these changes have encouraged adoptive parents to consider new countries. As a result, many new international adoption paths have opened. At present, Heartsent Adoptions maintains direct programs in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Colombia. Soon, the organization will facilitate direct adoptions from Haiti. Other locations in the Heartsent network include Russia, Ethiopia, the Grenadine Islands, and Saint Vincent. The networking programs involve other agencies that cooperate with Heartsent to place children in loving homes.

Heartsent also provides foundational home study and post-placement services for families who complete an adoption through another agency. The organization maintains relationships with several other agencies in the United States, making it possible for families served by Heartsent to adopt from countries in which the agency does not have a direct program. This arrangement has allowed families to adopt from Ukraine, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Korea, and other locations.

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